U.S. Cellular: We'll have LTE phones by April, we swear

U.S. Cellular tweets an overview of its LTE ambitions, including a smartphone and a tablet in time for spring.

U.S. Cellular's tweet
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CES, shmee-ee-es. Why wait for the country's largest consumer electronics show to announce new products and services when you can break the news yourself over Twitter?

That must have been the logic behind U.S. Cellular's tweet this afternoon promising a 4G LTE smartphone and tablet by March and April, respectively.

Although the nation's sixth-largest carrier hasn't shared much more about its product plans, U.S. Cellular does advertise on its Web site that its forthcoming 4G LTE network will launch in Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin in early 2012, keeping on-track with the schedule it announced this past November.

U.S. Cellular's move also echoes a similar 4G LTE race taking place among all the carriers, including heavier hitters like Sprint and AT&T. We expect to hear much more about the latest 4G smartphones next week at CES. Check out all our CES coverage here.

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