Two more from MobiBlu

MobiBlu launches the Boxon and X3 flash-based media players. The Boxon lets you use it as a VoIP phone, while the X3 is for digital audio newbies.

In addition to its recent release of the Cube2, MobiBlu launched a pair of flash-based MP3 players at CES 2007.

The Boxon is a bit reminiscent of the iRiver Clix in that it's all screen on front, but it measures just 2x1.7x0.5 inches and weighs about 1 ounce. It has VoIP phone capabilities, too, so you can use it to make Internet phone calls--hot! Available in 1GB ($109) and 2GB ($129) capacities, it'll do video, photos, FM radio, voice/FM recording, direct line-in encoding, and audio playback, but it can't handle PlaysForSure subscription content.

The X3 is an entry-level player with a 1.8-inch color LCD screen. It's got plenty of features like FM tuner and voice/FM recording, but it doesn't support any DRM scheme. Still, it's cute and costs $89 for 1GB or $109 for 2GB. Maybe a nice iPod shuffle alternative for Apple haters or screen-lovers.

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