Two minor Adobe software glitches

Two minor Adobe software glitches

a. Ciro Scotto writes: "Adobe Acrobat 3.0, specifically Acrobat Exchange, has a problem with the General Controls control panel. When the Documents folder is selected, if you try to open a file from within Exchange using the Open command, the application will quit. Deselect the Documents folder, and it works just fine. Adobe told me they are aware of the problem, but do not have a fix at this time."

b. David Nelson writes: Adobe Illustrator 7.0 will not print (Postscript error) documents with an older version of the font Myriad MM. The 1992 Myriad MM font (suitcase and outlines) needs to be replaced with the current version (1997). Adobe tech support upgraded my version of Myriad MM (via Type On Call) for free."


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