Twitter's embedded tweets, now on steroids

Twitter said today that embedded tweets will now feature a wide range of content, including photos, videos, article summaries, and more.

Twitter's embedded tweets will now feature more content, including photos, videos, article summaries, and more, as seen in this screenshot of a tweet. Twitter

Twitter said today that it is pumping up the content of embedded tweets, allowing anyone on any blog or news site to see videos, photos, article summaries, and other additional content added to a tweet.

Embedded tweets have become a favorite way to showcase the contents of a wide variety of tweets in blogs and news stories across the Web. But, while they're a convenient way to call out a tweet in a blog post or news story, embedded tweets have been a scaled down version of what was visible on Now though, Twitter is boosting the amount of content that can be added to third-party sites, as seen in the embedded tweet from CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman about this story below.

Twitter also said it is making it easier to embed tweets from or TweetDeck (it has added an "embed this tweet" selection under the "More" button on any tweet), as well as simpler for people to see how many times any individual tweet has been retweeted or favorited. Plus, embedded tweets are said to load faster now than in the past.

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