Twitter said to be very close to pricing IPO

Twitter is expected to set a price range for its shares this week and could "price the deal" by next week, reports The Wall Street Journal.

James Martin/CNET

Twitter might be just days away from setting a price range for its much-anticipated initial public offering.

According to The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) on Thursday, Twitter could set a price range for the IPO within the next couple of days and could "price the deal," where it sets an exact price for shares at the IPO, as soon as November 6.

Once the company sets a price range for shares, it can begin shopping its IPO directly to investors. Twitter is expected go public sometime next month, possibly by November 15, and is seeking about $1 billion in the IPO.

Twitter formally announced on October 3 its plans to go public. The social network will trade on the New York Stock exchange under the ticker symbol TWTR.

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