Twitter rolls out VIP filter feature to blue check mark holders

For those influential or just rich and famous enough to have nabbed themselves a verified Twitter account, the social network has just announced a filter perk to help drown out the regular chatter.


On the heels of its casual 135-character IPO announcement , Twitter has also announced that it will begin a process of tightening up the ease with which its VIP users communicate with one another, starting with special filters to weed out mentions from the social network's "lower class" users.

That means owners of verified accounts -- denoted by blue check marks -- can now look at conversations strictly between fellow high-profile users.

"We'll continue to evolve and improve this feature -- for example, by bringing it to mobile -- in order to help verified users better monitor and engage with others on Twitter," reads the announcement.

While it may sound like a prime candidate for a snarky #firstworldproblems accusation, Twitter users with verified accounts do get flooded with mentions, be it replies to a viral tweet or reactions to breaking news. It's also a no-brainer for Twitter to cater to its most prolific and visible user base.

And after all, if LeBron James no longer has to wade through the thousands of mentions he gets from taking jabs at Kevin Durant's football despair to see Durant's rebuttal, the world's a better place...right?

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