Twitter #Music off to a glitchy start

The new music discovery app had an off-key launch, Google won't allow selling or sharing of Glass, and a picture of a plastic iPhone hits the Web.

CNET Update is not a Belieber:


Twitter #Music launched, but it hasn't quite found the beat. Bridget Carey explains the new music-discovery tool and its bugs -- and how to avoid embarrassing judgements about your music taste.

Also in this tech rundown:

- Facebook's latest changes include icons in status updates and Open Graph on mobile.

- Google bans early Glass owners from selling or loaning out units. If that happens, Google will deactivate the Glass unit. Harsh.

- Adding to previous reports, an image of a plastic iPhone has been posted online.

- In a survey of 1,000 elementary school students, 86% of kids didn't know what the save icon represents. Kids these days!

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