Twitter hires former Google exec to tune in on entertainment

Jennifer Prince, who joins Twitter Monday, will focus on getting TV and movie marketers to advertise on the social network.

Screenshot by Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

Twitter has brought on a former Google executive to help it appeal to the entertainment industry.

Starting on Monday, Jennifer Prince, Google's former head of entertainment and media ad sales, will lead Twitter's entertainment industry sales, she confirmed to Variety. In her new role, Prince will hire an ad sales team whose goal is to entice TV and movie marketers to expand their advertising programs to include Twitter.

Twitter has been attempting to appeal to the entertainment industry for some time. The company has partnered with television networks, announcing this past month that it was opening up its ad-targeting technology to U.S. TV advertisers. With that move, marketers can incorporate Twitter-based promotions in real time into their television spots.

That announcement came not long before Nielsen released a study showing a causation between TV viewing and Twitter usage. The study found that more popular shows cause more people to tweet and that more traction on the social network will increase ratings.

Prince's first order of business will be to meet with entertainment companies, she told Variety. She plans on finding out what they're doing now on Twitter and "where they want to go."

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