Twitter and CBS announce major content partnership

CBS is Twitter's latest Amplify partner. The pact means 20 CBS properties and 42 of its TV shows will be promoted via tweets.

Twitter and CBS have signed a deal that will enable the TV network to embed video clips from a wide variety of its shows in its tweets.

According to TechCrunch, the deal to add CBS as a major partner in Twitter's Amplify program was announced at Advertising Week on Monday.

Under the Amplify program, which Twitter unveiled in May, users will see video clips from the social-networking company's partners, accompanied by short advertisements. Those tweeted videos tie in with TV programs from Amplify partners, as well as commercials. The Amplify partners, like CBS, will target their videos at their users with promoted tweets. The Amplify launch partners included Bloomberg TV, Discovery, Major League Baseball, A&E, Time Inc., and Warner Music.

TechCrunch reported that CBS -- which is CNET's parent company -- said that its Twitter partnership revolves around 20 company brands and 42 CBS shows. Among those are properties like CBS News, as well as online content from CNET and GameSpot. "One of the most interesting concepts," TechCrunch wrote, "is a clip summarizing '60 Minutes,' called '60 Minutes in 60 Seconds.'"

The partnership comes at a crucial time for Twitter, which is ramping up for an initial public offering expected in the next couple of months. As it prepares to lure investors, deals that guarantee it new ad revenue -- not to mention A-list partners -- can only help boost its IPO fortunes.

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