'Twin Peaks' 8-bit intro is not what it seems

The Great Northern Hotel waterfall, the Bewick's Wren, and the welcome sign from the opening credits of "Twin Peaks" get a fitting NES tribute.

Welcome to "Twin Peaks" in pixelated form. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

In "Twin Peaks"-- the weird and compelling murder mystery created by David Lynch -- everything from the unusual characters to the woodsy backdrop felt both vintage and bizarre. In that light, fans of the '90s TV series have created a fitting retro tribute.

Youtubers Filthy Frackers have re-imagined the "Twin Peaks" opening credits in NES-style. Even the memorable theme song by composer Angelo Badalamenti is remade to sound low-fi.

This comes after last month's release of on DVD and Blu-ray that includes all 30 episodes from the two-season TV series and "Fire Walk With Me" full-length film, but also 90 minutes of not-previously-released footage shot for the film.

While there was never a "Twin Peaks" video game, this makes me wish someone would make one, complete with a Black Lodge chase scene and the option to play the Log Lady.

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