TweetValue estimates your Twitter profile's worth

The recently launched TweetValue tells Twitter users how much their profile is worth.

I was pointed toward a new Twitter ranking tool by Louis Gray. The tool of the day is TweetValue.

Following the controversy surrounding Twitterank, TweetValue assigns a dollar value to your Twitter profile. While the site does not disclose how this value is calculated, it does give a message that reads, "The value is calculated with a Ph.D. algorithm that is based on the public information available on your Twitter profile."

Call me skeptical, but it isn't really apparent that the figures are based on any actual factual valuation of Twitter profiles. Rather, it appears to just be another rank to see how Twitterers stack up against one another. I'm not just saying this because my Twitter account's value is a sorry $125. Rather, I actually believe that there is little to no real basis for this dollar figure. The number would be just as significant if the dollar sign were dropped.

It's a little discouraging to hear that the Twitter account you worked so hard to build is worth $125. TweetValue

Twitter Grader seems to offer a better service than TweetValue, in terms of comparing Twitter users, offering breakdowns by location and specific information on how your score is calculated. I really don't see a need in the market for TweetValue, when a site like Twitter Grader offers better tools for comparing users and a score that can actually be explained. Everyone likes to see how they compare in a given area every once in awhile, but there is no need for the absurd number of Twitter ranking sites that we are seeing pop up right now. Please, no more!

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