Turn your iPod into a bookshelf stereo for $29.99 (after rebate)

CompUSA has the Logitech iPod AudioStation for $29.99, though you'll have to pony up $79.99 and wait on a mail-in rebate to get your final price. Still a great deal on a top-rated iPod dock.


Sound familiar? CompUSA.com has the Logitech iPod AudioStation on sale for $29.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. (Plan on about $14 for shipping.) The last time I posted about this product , it was $50 after rebate!

The AudioStation is an iPod speaker dock that also has an AM/FM tuner. It features a wireless remote, an audio input jack (for connecting non-iPod players), and composite and S-Video outputs (for watching iPod videos on a TV). It also charges your iPod, of course, and cranks out 80 watts' worth of audio goodness. CNET's very favorable AudioStation review awarded it an 8 out of 10.

The rebate deal ends March 31, though there's every possibility it'll sell out before then. Trust me: You'll love pumping out your iPod tunes in your kitchen, bedroom, or wherever. This is a helluva speaker dock for 30 bucks.

Update: My apologies. It appears the price is now up to $49.99. Owing to some browser weirdness at my end, I was still showing $29.99. Sorry for the confusion!


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