Turn your iPhone into a desktop pinball table

Pinball Magic transforms your device into a pretty darn good rendition of a pinball arcade table, down to the plunger and flipper switches.

Pinball Magic
New Potato Technologies

It may just be a shell, but it's a pretty darn good rendition of a pinball arcade table, down to the plunger, flipper switches, and LED backlit backbox that displays animation when you play. For pinball junkies who find the idea of tapping on an iPhone screen to flip the ball lame, the Pinball Magic ($39.99) should score a hit.

All that's needed is to dock your iPhone or iPod (running on OS 3.0 and higher) into the 30-pin connector accessory, make sure you download the free pinball app (you'll need an iTunes account), and away you sling.

To add a touch of realism, the free accompanying game taps on the iPhone's onboard accelerometer to support tilt detection, so you can jostle your mini pinball arcade table just like the real deal and even get buzzed by tilt warnings. As a bonus, New Potato Technologies tries to stay true to the arcade gameplay with advanced multilevel and multiplayer options, four possible multiball modes, end-of-ball and replay bonuses, and ball savers.

(Source: Crave Asia via Chip Chick)

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