Turn iPhone into wide-angle action sports camera

The iPhone gets the action sports camera treatment thanks to the rugged Optrix XD Sport case with built-in wide-angle lens.

Optrix XD Sport
Smile, you're on wide-angle action camera. Optrix

There's a more secure way to capture your skateboarding and mountain biking exploits than by duct taping your iPhone to the top of your helmet.

Optrix XD Sport release lever
A quick-release lever gives easy access to your phone. (Click to enlarge.) Optrix

Optrix, a company that once ran over one of its own cases with a very large Dodge truck , has now taken on the task of protecting your iPhone during extreme sports activities.

If the case itself is as rugged as the previous HD Sport Mount creation, you'll be in good shape even if you take a spill over your handlebars. The other major selling point for the $99 Optrix XD Sport is the built-in all-glass, 175-degree wide-angle lens designed to enhance your videos.

The XD Sport case comes with a safety leash; lens cover; flat and curved mounts; and a rubberized case that can stay on your iPhone all the time. It's water resistant, so it should hold up to puddles and rainstorms, but it might not be the best choice for capturing your shark cage adventures.

This is all about protecting your precious iPhone without having to invest in a separate sports camera. If you're not quite ready to take your iPhone out on the tough trails, there is an iPod Touch adapter available for the case.

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