Tumblr for Android gets major face-lift

The just-released Tumblr 3.0 for Android looks better, performs better, and comes with Tumblr Radar.


Tumblr, arguably the hippest blogging platform on the Web these days, just unveiled version 3.0 of its Android mobile app, which not only looks better, but also loads faster than before.

First thing you should notice about the fully refreshed Tumblr app is its brand-new interface. The new Post screen, with its large, colorful icons, is sexier, there's improved photo browsing and animated gif support when you tap an image, and notifications for multiple blogs now show up all in one place. Tumblr fans will be happy to know that the updated app also comes with Tumblr Radar, the staff-curated feed of featured posts on the network.

Overall, it looks like the refreshed mobile app has made the Tumblr experience on Android more similar to the full experience on the Web. The look and feel are certainly there, and the feature set is slowly closing the gap as well.

One thing the Android app still doesn't have, though, is an Audio post option. The Tumblr iPhone app has this, and I'm curious as to why it wasn't included in the Android update.

Tumblr for Android 3.0 (download) is available now on Google Play.

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