Try doing this with proprietary software

Open source breaks down walls to collaboration by putting code front-and-center.

I've written before about the huge opportunity that open source presents for EAI (enterprise application integration). Open source doesn't require lawyers to meet before integrating products. It's a question of code, not counsel.

Today I get to see it happening to me or, rather, to my project, Alfresco. Jeff Potts, a third-party consultant employed by Optaros (and a hard-core Alfresco expert), decided to integrate Alfresco with Ringside Network's social networking platform, while Rob Purdie announced the integration of Alfresco with Drupal's excellent web content management system for Amnesty International.

The common thread running between both? Alfresco, the company, wasn't involved in either.

That's open source. The code comes before company, with all the inertia, legalese, etc. that accompanies the company. In open source, the developer comes first. Well, actually, the "itch" comes first. Then the developer to scratch it.

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