Trulia gets real estate visualization

See which areas are hot and worth living in with Trulia's new heat maps.

Trulia is a real estate search and information service. Users can search for real estate by zip code, or by filling in various search parameters like size, cost, and building type. Trulia also integrates several social features like a way to track buying trends, and a real-estate focused question and answer service.

Today, they've teamed up with Stamen Design, the same folks who do the eye candy for Digg Labs, to create a really neat way to look at housing trends called HindSight. Their new tool is a mix between historical real estate data, and a heat map to show which properties are hot. When combined, it's a very interesting way to watch growth trends and movement in residential areas.

Users can track the spread of housing developments and popularity in various U.S. cities over time. The team designed Hindsight as a way to spark discussion, and get people thinking in new ways about residential regions and population trends. Even if you're not looking to buy a house in one of these areas, this stuff is very fun to watch.

This map of Miami shows when properties have popped up, which is tracked on a timeline below. CNET Networks
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