Troubleshooting Safari 1.0b2v74: Network Solutions account manager

Troubleshooting Safari 1.0b2v74: Network Solutions account manager

Network Solutions has recently been updating their account manager portion of their site, and the latest version apparently makes it impossible to add/edit DNS servers using Safari. Although the Edit DNS page displays properly, clicking the "continue" or "add new servers" buttons return you to the main account page. The page is rendered correctly, and operates normally in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

MacFixIt reader Steve Simons writes:

"I emailed the Network Solutions customer service people, who in past have been extremely helpful. After several emails, it became clear they didn't care - 'our site is best with IE' (it doesn't work with Safari). The other portions of their site like the contact edit page seem to work fine with Safari, it's just the Edit DNS page."


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