Troubleshooting Mac OS 8 page highlights

Troubleshooting Mac OS 8 page highlights

As promised, the Troubleshooting Mac OS 8 page has expanded considerably since its introduction last week. It will continue to do so. Here are some highlights of what's there right now:

a. RAM Doubler 2.0.1 and no floppy disk mounting Numerous readers are reporting that they cannot get floppy disks to mount when RAM Doubler 2.0.1 is installed.

b.NUM 3.5.1 and -192 errors Norton Utilities 3.5.1 is Mac OS 8 compatible - if you can get it to install without getting the -192 error that plagued many users.

c. Speed Doubler, GoMac, and After Dark are among the numerous utilities that should be updated very soon to make them OS 8 compatible.

Check the complete Third party software compatibility list for more details.

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