Trouble at the office? Try a perfumed printer

Choose from six fragrances.

We initially feared that this item might be a joke, but then we thought it was just crazy enough to be true: a perfumed printer.


And why not? We've already seen aromatic phones , fragrant USB drives and even lavender-scented keypads . There's no reason a printer can't smell rosey too.

Sagem's appropriately named "Zen Cube" can provide a sea of cubicles with full-time aromatherapy. According to Fareastgizmos: "The perfume is diffused upon each printing (or receiving of a fax), with the activation of the ventilation system. The warm air expelled by the machine slowly and steadily diffuses the perfume in the office via the Zen Cube, thereby creating a new workplace atmosphere."

You even have a choice of six fragrances in three categories--"soothing, purifying and invigorating." But if none of them is to your liking, you can always be the office loner and have your own " USB Fragrance Oil Burner ." Incense, anyone?

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