'Tron Legacy' gear includes wall-climbing light cycles, glowing controllers

Disney's relentless pursuit of "Tron" merchandise for the holiday sequel "Tron Legacy" features some gear we might not be ashamed to own. Do you care for the color blue?

Tron's new action figures light up and project motion video facial gestures.

As we headed to a Disney preview of toys and gear for the upcoming "Tron" movie sequel, "Tron Legacy," we were reminded of what Yogurt said in "Spaceballs": "Merchandising, merchandising!"

While we're as excited about Disney's upcoming "Tron" sequel as anybody, it's clear the merchandising push will be fierce and all-encompassing. But if our preview of a few of the upcoming items is any indication, some of them are actually kind of cool, too.

Among the very many pieces of Tron gear available for your shopping pleasure this fall will be a gaming mouse and keyboard from the respected company Razer, with a 5600dpi sensor for the mouse and a programmable-key keyboard, both with plenty of neon blue highlights. The Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii controllers from PDP (also, shockingly, with glowing blue lines) are perhaps even more attractive.

Monster's also getting in the game with an iPod dock shaped like one of Tron's electric data disks and gaming headphones--to our knowledge, the first Monster has made--that have an integrated mike and a high price tag of $349.

On the toy front, Disney's making action figures that cleverly use LED video projection loops inside the character's helmets to create an eerie effect, and Zero Gravity remote-control Aircycles that use vacuum suction to race up walls. Check out a few of the photos if you're curious. Call us crazy, but some of these seem fun (not that we need more junk in our cubicles).

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