Trick or treat cookies

Wilton's new Halloween Cookie Pan makes it easy to turn out treats perfect for October.

The Halloween cookie pan Wilton

Rather than hunting up your Halloween cookie cutters and rolling out a batch of cookie dough, this year you can bake Halloween cookies in Wilton's new Halloween cookie pan. Getting cookies shaped like ghosts, mummies, and spider webs is just a matter of rolling cookie dough into balls and placing it in each of the 12 cavities of of the cookie pan. As the cookies bake, they'll take on the shape of the Halloween designs. When you take the pan out of the oven, it's easy to remove the cookies: not only is the pan nonstick, but the designs are simple enough that cookies don't hold on to the pan. You can either serve your cookies just as they come out of the pan, or you can add frosting for decoration.

The Halloween Cookie Pan makes 12 cookies in each batch, with each cookie measuring about a quarter-inch thick. The pan works well with most cookie dough recipes, whether you make your dough from scratch or pick up a package from the store. For most recipes, you can use the baking time and temperature listed in the recipe with minimal alterations. The pan is priced at $11.99.

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