Treo developer leaves Palm

Michael Farese steps down from his position as senior vice president of engineering at the smart phone maker to become CEO of a semiconductor company.

Something is bound to go right for Palm eventually. But when?

Recently the smart phone company swung and missed badly with its announcement and subsequent cancellation of its Foleo device . That's in addition to increased competition in the smart phone space with a slew of well-received devices from Apple, Nokia, Research In Motion, LG and Samsung. It all contributes to a public perception that the former font of mobile device innovation has dried up. Now comes news that a senior engineer that helped develop the Treo 700 and Treo 750 is making his exit.

Palm tucked the notice into an SEC filing Wednesday that Michael Farese left the company last Friday after just two years. No successor was named in the document. The same day a Massachusetts semiconductor company announced Farese will be joining the company as president and chief executive. BitWave Semiconductor makes radio frequency integrated circuits for cell phones.

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