Trendnet TEW-736RE: Wireless range extending made easy

Trendnet introduces at CES 2012 an easy-to-use 300Mbps wireless network extender, the TEW-736RE.

The new TEW-736RE 300Mbps Easy-N Extender from Trendnet.
The new TEW-736RE 300Mbps Easy-N Extender from Trendnet. Trendnet

LAS VEGAS--It's always frustrating to find a dead spot in your wireless networking. Fortunately there's now an easy and affordable fix, the new 300Mbps Easy-N Range Extender, model TEW-736RE from Trendnet.

The company introduced the new device at CES 2012 and claims that it will help extend the range of your wireless network within minutes.

According to Trendnet, all you have to do is place the TEW-736RE in an area of low wireless coverage, then simply press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button on your router or access point, then on the TEW-736RE and you're done: the TEW-736RE is now extending your wireless network to the area with previously low to no wireless coverage. This, of course, only works if your current router or access point support WPS, which most of them do.

Trendnet says the 300Mbps Easy-N Range Extender supports Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna technology and Wireless-N with speed up to 300Mbps. However, the network speed is also limited by that of your existing wireless router or access point. It's better to use the extender in a network of the same standard.

Apart from the wireless network, the extender also comes with one Ethernet port to host another wired client. The device also features LED displays that show its working status for easy troubleshooting.

The new 300Mbps Easy-N Range Extender, model TEW-736RE, comes with a three-year limited warranty and will be available for purchase in February with an estimated price of $60.

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