Trekkies: Now you can sit in the captain's chair

Diamond Select is planning to sell life-size replicas of Captain Kirk's command chair. You know you want one.


I've found the perfect chair for my desk here at work while I toil away: a replica of Captain Kirk's command chair.

Shatner not included.
Shatner not included. Diamond Select Toys

I'm no stranger to Star Trek merchandise, mind you. I dutifully sent away for not one, but two official Star Trek V marshmallow dispensers. I think it's time I graduated to something a little more substantial.

From the fine folks at Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles, this nerd throne has the requisite lights and sounds from the TV show, as do their phaser and tricorder replicas.

And even better than those sweet replicas, this actually serves a purpose. Don't get me wrong; they're snazzy and all, but really, what am I going to do with a pretend phaser? Scare off would-be wedgiers? This I can at least sit in while people laugh at me.

Now for the bad news. The cost is reported at above $1,000, and the chairs won't be delivered until next year.

I'm thinking, though. CNET is now a CBS property, as is Star Trek. Maybe I can persuade human resources that this thing is ergonomically necessary. It didn't work out with the Slurpee machine I wanted, but there are always possibilities, right?


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