'Tree-V' TVs coming out of the woodwork

Sweden's Swedx strikes U.K. deal to sell wooden LCDs.


Everyone knows about LCDs and plasmas, but another fight over TV materials is looming over another commodity: trees.

Apparently trying to cash in on the green trend, some manufacturers have been designing flat-panel frames made of wood and other natural sustainable substances. That's setting up a battle between some leading Asian electronics companies and an early innovator from Sweden, of all places.

But even though it's hardly a household name, Swedx isn't about to give in. In fact, according to Pocket-lint, it's about to start distributing some of its newest models through the U.K. retail chain Currys and Dixons. These 19-inch "Tree-Vs" aren't full HD but are appealing to consumers' environmental sensitivities.

Swedx does make models with screens up to 46 inches with full 1080p resolution, though those aren't part of this latest distribution deal. It also has an entire line of wooden computer equipment, so you can furnish the whole house in one stop.

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