'Transparent' interface to trump touch screens?

Mitsubishi Research Labs has a solution to provide the elegance of a touch-screen interface without obscuring the screen--it calls it the 'transparent interface.'

Touch screen phones like LG's Prada, Samsung's Armani, and some other big seller seem to drive home the point that touch screens are here to stay, and are likely the future of the phone market. Typing accuracy isn't exactly the easiest feat when your digits hit the screen, since your fingers obscure part of the image. Mitsubishi Research Labs has a solution to provide the elegance of a touch screen interface without obscuring the screen. It calls it the 'transparent interface.' Rather than poking at the front of a screen idly, researchers placed sensors at the back of the device. Sure, the clunky test device in Mitsubishi Research Labs' research video doesn't exactly hit that sweet iPhone-esque design spot, but the tech behind the 'transparent gadget' is, at the very least, interesting. Could we see the tech implemented in the next version of the iPhone? We're not holding our collective breath, but we wouldn't mind seeing this tech show up in a device or two.

[Via New Scientist]

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