Transparency is catching: Zoho shows status

Web application specialist now features performance statistics for its online applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and more.

Web application specialist Zoho has joined the growing ranks of companies willing to share detailed information on how well their online services are holding up.

This move toward transparency is increasingly important as potential customers consider relying on such services.

The Zoho Status page shows summary and more detailed information about the availability of its Web-based services for e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, invoices, meetings, and other applications. Clicking a "more" button shows how the service performed in recent days.

Publishing the performance measurements for online services is catching on as cloud computing grows more serious. Going hand in hand with that is offering service level agreements (SLAs) with specific uptime commitments.

Zoho competes with Google Apps, Yahoo Zimbra , and other services. Meanwhile, Microsoft is bringing Office online . Zoho is a subsidiary of AdventNet.

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Zoho now shows details about how well each of its online applications is performing.
Zoho now shows details about how well each of its online applications is performing. (Click to enlarge.) Zoho

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