Transfer drive data sans the PC

Being the unofficial family photographer has meant shlepping my digital camera, laptop and USB cable on too many a flight across this great country. I'm highly snap-happy, so my camera gets full too fast to wait until I get home to do my downloading.

Belkin USB Anywhere
Credit: Belkin

Thus, I was happy to hear about Belkin's new USB Anywhere, which lets you leave the PC behind and connect two portable USB units to transfer contents. You can use the $40 device to copy files from your digital camera to your external hard drive, between two MP3 players, and/or between USB flash memory drives, external hard drives, CD-R burners and memory card readers. With two different copy modes, you can choose to copy individual files or complete directories. Files transfer at a rate of about 12 megabits per second.

The product comes with an optional AC adapter, but it can work on batteries (it automatically shuts down after 30 seconds of inactivity to conserve power). Since USB Anywhere doesn't start shipping in North America until October, we can't offer much in the way of consumer critiques. Doodad site Engadget isn't too psyched about the device being "only USB 1.1," but the site Everything USB seems a bit more enthused.

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