Track best sellers with SmashBuys

Like top ten lists? You might like this link aggregator of the best selling items on nine sites from around the Web.

Like top ten lists? You might like SmashBuys, a link aggregator of the best selling items on the Web. Sites included are Amazon, iTunes, VGchartz, and Downloads from Webware's sister site There are nine in all, and clicking any link will send you straight to the product page. You can also hover over any item to learn more about it.

It was pitched to us as a PopUrls for products, which is very true, although Smashbuys users have the added benefit of seeing how popular each link is with the community. Items that get more clicks get their own form of promotion, making it pretty simple to see two layers of data at once. Go give it a spin.

Track what's hot all over the Web with Smashbuys, a single page aggregator for products. CNET Networks
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