Touching photos with HP

Hewlett-Packard's R937 camera offers a bigger display with touch-screen controls.

R937 Hewlett-Packard

Whenever people complain to manufacturers about skimping on screen size, the stock answer is usually, "Well, we wanted to make the camera small and light, but we needed to leave room for the buttons."

That's not an excuse that needs to be used with the HP R937.

HP has made room for a bigger screen on the back by eliminating most of the buttons. The R937's large 3.6-inch display, as on some of the Sony Cyber-shot compact cameras, doubles as a touch screen from which you can navigate menus and manipulate photos after they have been captured.

HP's R937 with touch screen Hewlett-Packard

The touch-screen software includes a virtual keyboard that allows you to type on the screen when you want to add e-mail or tags to photos. You also use it for editing photos right on the camera. HP's in-camera editing software now removes red-eye and skin blemishes from humans, demon eyes from pets and even extra weight from people, with its slimming feature.

The camera itself sports 8 megapixels, a 3x optical zoom, digital antishake for increasing you chances of sharp shots and 32MB of internal memory with an SD slot make room for more.

It is set to begin selling in August for $300.

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