Toshiba's tiny new light cannon

Toshiba announces the one-pound, battery-powered, TDP-FF1AU palm-size projector

We like to call it "pocket home theater," but the truth is, Toshiba's just-announced TDP-FF1AU "palm-size" mobile projector ($699 list price) is probably more suited for mobile business use than for home or mobile entertainment. Still, Toshiba is marketing this "long-awaited" one-pound projector with both a business and digital-entertainment tag.

Here's the press release, distilled:

--The Toshiba TDP-FF1AU is a DLP projector built around an "energy-efficient" LED (light-emitting diode) light source that'll last about 10,000 hours and projects an image as large as a 68-inches.

--Specs include 400 Lux of brightness with a native SVGA 800x600 resolution and a contrast ratio of 1,500:1.

--It's battery powered and ships with its own rechargeable battery.

--The unit comes with a 23-inch foldable screen for micro presenting, a term I just made up.

--On the side, you'll find inputs for computer and video (RGB and component--with an adapter), audio and headphone inputs, and a USB port for "PC-free presentations" or digital photo viewing via your trusty thumbdrive.

--There's a mighty 0.5-watt speaker built into the projector. OK, maybe it's not so mighty, but some sound comes out of it.

(Photo: Toshiba)

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