Torrent scam hits thousands eager for PC version of GTA V

Thousands of hopeful fans have reportedly been infected by a virus masquerading as the PC version of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar has yet to announce a PC version of GTA V. Rockstar Games

Rockstar hasn't yet announced a PC version of the overwhelmingly popular Grand Theft Auto V, and fans are desperate for it. A massive number of people -- over 614,000 -- have signed a petition to port the game, which smashed through seven world records in its opening weekend, to PC. Industry sources have hinted at a PC version coming in early 2014.

But when you want what you want when you want it, sometimes common sense flies right out the window. Thousands of hopeful PC gamers have downloaded a legitimate-seeming torrent file claiming to be GTA V, only to find their machines infested with malware, WCCF Tech has reported.

The file looks legit, appearing near the top of Google search results, and nearly 7,000 users connected; however, appearing as a setup.exe file, the first clue that something could be awry is the file size 18.3GB, compared to 7.7GB for the Xbox 360 version.

Read more of "GTA V PC torrent scam hits thousands" at CNET Australia.

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