Top Yahoo sales execs: One in, one out

Joanne Bradford, who left Microsoft in March, will assume a top sales spot at Yahoo, following a brief stint at SpotRunner.

Joanne Bradford

Former MSN executive Joanne Bradford has landed at Yahoo, following a brief stint at Los Angeles-based ad agency SpotRunner.

Bradford, who left Microsoft in March, will occupy the newly created role of senior vice president for U.S. revenue and market development. In this newly crafted position, Bradford will oversee sales, market development, small business, and Yahoo's HotJobs site, reporting to Yahoo U.S. chief Hilary Schneider.

In the same press release announcing Bradford's hire, Yahoo noted that U.S. sales chief David Karnstedt will leave as of September 16. Yahoo said Karnstedt had resigned earlier this summer but had been working with Schneider to "ensure a seamless transition." Karnstedt will take up a spot as executive-in-residence at a venture capital firm, Yahoo said.

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