Top tablets with expandable storage

Who wins the storage wars for best tablet with expandable memory options?


Some of the most popular tablets on the market, like the Apple iPad or Google Nexus, don't have one important feature that maximizes the usability of a tablet: expandable storage. The inclusion of a memory card slot opens the door to more possibilities and functions of your gadget.

From storing music, movies, or photos, to apps and games, expandable storage options can ensure that you get the most out of your device by letting you save more data and operate more programs than the internal storage capacity allows.

We've rounded up the top tablets that let you increase the amount of storage available and maximize your user experience.

The Memo Pad 8 plays it simple and sleek. Josh Miller/CNET

Asus Memo Pad 8

Shopping for a tablet on a budget but don't want to compromise on the benefits of expandable storage? Asus boasts one of the best bargains available with the Memo Pad 8. Starting at $199/£125/AU$310, the 8-inch tablet is a portable, feature-filled mid-size slate for those with simple needs, and its microSD card slot, expandable up to 64GB, sweetens the deal. Read more about the Memo Pad 8.

The G Pad 8.3 also comes in a version with LG's Optimus 3.0 user interface. Josh Miller/CNET

LG G Pad 8.3 (Google Play Edition)

LG doesn't release too many tablets, but when it does, it packs them with the ever useful microSD card expansion slot. The LG G Pad 8.3 boasts the perk of running pure Android 4.4 KitKat and rocks a sleek aluminum design. It's also comes in a version that runs LG's Optimus 3.0 user interface, but I'm partial to a pure Android experience myself. Read more about the G Pad 8.3 (GPE).

You'll definitely want to load some 1080p movies onto the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. James Martin/CNET

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The super-AMOLED screen on the Galaxy Tab S is one of the most vibrant and spectacular on a slate to date. Streaming video with it is fine and dandy, but you truly experience every pixel when you load HD content onto the Tab S. By using a microSD card (I found transferring files between the computer and tablet too troublesome) you can add up to 128GB of extra storage. Read more about the Tab S.

Microsoft added a digipen to the Surface Pro 3. Sarah Tew

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Taking care of business? Then the recently revamped Surface Pro 3 is your guy. The productivity-geared tablet/laptop hybrid offers Microsoft's ever-chic keyboard cover, a digipen, and slimmer design -- despite packing a larger screen. The microSD card slot is expandable up to 128GB, ensuring plenty of storage for your work needs (maybe some movies too, if you get all of your work done in time, of course.) Read more about the Surface Pro 3.

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