Top monitor values under $300

CNET rounds up the best monitor values available for less than $300.

Unless you have a strict, $200 maximum budget when purchasing your next monitor, there's a good chance you'll be at least a bit excited about the following list.

Sure, $300 is no amount of money to sneeze at, but in the grand scheme of devices that allows your computer to visually communicate with you, it could be a lot higher.

IPS at a low price. Expect this to become a very welcome trend. Josh Miller/CNET

Asus VG23AH
Low-priced IPS monitors are becoming a bit of a thing. A thing I fully support. Beyond he inherently wide viewing angles and surprisingly low price lay a bevy of useful ergonomic options. Read the full review of the Asus VG23AH.

Josh Miller/CNET

HP Pavilion 27xi
This 27-inch HP monitor offers great simplicity that meets most basic needs. The 27xi boasts both good performance and design while still being priced in the $300 range. Read the full review of the HP Pavilion 27xi.

Monitor vendors are finally offering wide angle displays for low, low prices. Josh Miller/CNET

HP 2311xi
When you think of the best monitor deals of all time, you won't see the HP 2311xi in your mind's eye. That's because the $240 IPS monitor was only recently released and has not been given adequate time to properly implant itself into your consciousness. However, once you've been exposed to its wide viewing angles and great overall performance, it'll likely be a mainstay in your mind going forward. Read the full review of the HP 2311xi.

The HP x2301 is completely working that neon turquoise, trimming. Isn't it? Josh Miller/CNET

HP x2301
It's not just the fact that the HP x2301 is available for as low as $200. There are plenty of monitors available at that price. But, from build-quality to performance to connection options (HDMI, DVI, and VGA), the monitor gives much more than what $200 usually buys. If you're going low price, go here. Read the full review of the HP x2301.

Ugh. Yet another Master Chief-approved monitor. Josh Miller/CNET

LG Flatron IPS235V
You ever have a retail person mistakenly charge you much less for an item you were purchasing? That uncomfortable bit of guilt is what I imagine purchasers of the IPS235V feel when clicking on the purchase button. It's just that you don't everyday get this level of quality for only $230. Read the full review of the LG Flatron IPS235v.

The U2412m lives on the edge...of low prices! Josh Miller/CNET

Dell UltraSharp U2412
Backed by the fantastic four of ergo options, the U2412m also has the performance, design sense, and price to be the most compelling value on this list. If you can look past the lack of HDMI, you'll find a monitor that combines features and affordability like no other. It goes a bit over $300, yes, but it's close enough and it's an awesome monitor. Read the full review of the Dell UltraSharp U2412m.

Looking for specs and pricing? Compare these monitors head-to-head.

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The Bottom Line: The LG Flatron IPS235V succeeds by offering performance at a more than reasonable price. It has the connections you'd want, but the design you wouldn't. / Read full review

Read the full CNET Review

HP x2301 Micro Thin LED monitor

The Bottom Line: The HP x2301's low price, good performance, and sound design make it a new high-water mark for budget monitors. / Read full review

Read the full CNET Review

HP Pavilion 27xi - LED monitor - 27"

The Bottom Line: As long as you have no advanced demands, the Pavilion 27xi will meet your basic needs with aplomb. / Read full review

Read the full CNET Review

Dell UltraSharp U2412m

The Bottom Line: With thoughtful design, great performance, and plenty of OSD features, the Dell UltraSharp U2412 fills its value quotient to the brim. / Read full review

Read the full CNET Review

Asus VG23AH

The Bottom Line: The Asus VG23AH nails it in price, features, and 2D performance, but falls flat on its screen in 3D. / Read full review

Read the full CNET Review

HP 2311xi

The Bottom Line: HP 2311xi's impressively wide viewing angle, useful connections, and low price make it an easy monitor to recommend. / Read full review

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