Top five worst mobile phones, as voted for by you

We asked you what you thought were the worst phones of all time. Having totted up your votes, we proudly bring you the top five offenders.

Not all phones are created equal. Some of them you love, some of them you hate. We asked you wonderful chaps on our Facebook page which phones are so horrendous the mere memory of them has you waking up in a cold sweat.

We took the five most popular choices and asked you to rank these -- in order of most sinful -- in a poll. In short, we're taking you through the five most hateful mobile phones of all time, as voted for by you.

5. Nokia 7600 -- we're honestly a little sad to see this one at number five as it most certainly deserves the top spot. We don't know who at Nokia thought a square phone with the buttons scattered around the screen was a good idea, but we hope they received the medical attention they so clearly needed.

4. Sony Ericsson K850i -- The K850i may have had a pretty nifty camera -- nifty by 2007's standards anyway -- but the awful keyboard seemed to have been crafted by the devil himself , hell-bent on making our lives miserable with unresponsive typing. Mix in the awkward navigation and you've got yourself a dish that's pretty tough to swallow.

3. Nokia N97 -- We had such high hopes for the N97, but sadly the smart phone fuse was aching to be lit and the N97 was a metaphorical damp match. It may have had some power, but its bland interface and appalling resistive touchscreen was enough to make you all shudder with horror.

2. LG Viewty -- We were actually quite keen on the Viewty when we had it in for review back in '07. But the shine quickly wore off as you became infuriated with its poor touchscreen and awkward interface. It may have had a 120fps video camera, but that was apparently just a sparkle of gold amidst a sea of manure.

1. Sony Ericsson K700i -- You complained about the poor screen, horrible user interface, unresponsive buttons and unattractive design. So is there anything good to say about this thing? Well, you probably wouldn't be too sad if you lost it. That's something, right?

There we have it, your top five worst phones. Thanks to all of you for voting -- we only hope you haven't been scarred too badly by the memories of these nasty little things.

Have we missed any? Share your painful stories in the comments section below, on our Facebook page or over on Google+. Trust us, it'll feel better.

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