Top 5 Most Popular products for April

The CNET audience does so love smartphones, but which ones do they love the most.

Once a month we check in on the top 5 most popular product reviews, based on our traffic logs of which pages you're looking at the most. And lately it's been pretty much all smart phones. This month is no exception, but which smart phones!? Watch and find out.

Then come back to this page and answer the trivia question in the comments below. If you are one of the first ten people to answer correctly, you will be entered to win the lame prize. And it is Laaaame this week. With a capital L.

Last week's question: Describe how the autoexec.bat trick I mentioned works. A: People had lots of valid but different ways of doing this. My method? Edit the autoexec.bat file and put autoexec.bat as it's own line.

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