Top 5 most popular products

We count down the 5 products you like the most at CNET.

Most popular products is a Top 5 we do monthly. It's pretty popular. It used to be a constantly changing list, often dominated by game consoles, but lately it's been taken over by phones. All phones. We've even considered changing the name to most popular smartphones.

In any case, we're still giving away a little prize for the Top 5, even if the guy from the Mailbag thinks it's lame. And since the list is all phones, we're giving away a phone...sort of. Well, it's a squishy phone.

Watch the video to get the question, then come back here and post your answer in the comments. Be one of the first 10 to post a correct answer and you may win the squishy. It's signed by our cell phone reviewer Bonnie Cha, after all.

Congrats to njk828! Seven was a lucky number for you and was exactly where the iPhone was on the top 10 most popular products list. You get the squishy!

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