Top 5 most-breakable gadgets

Five gadgets that took a lickin' from the Always On torture test, and then stopped ticking, and then seriously wondered what they were doing with their lives.

Most-breakable gadgets

As someone who spent five years carefully reviewing, testing and preserving gadgets here at CNET, it brings me no small amount of cathartic joy to watch them get casually destroyed every week by Molly Wood.

In each episode of her show, Always On, Molly and her team subject a new, popular product to a series of brutal torture tests. Only the best of them survive the blistering heat, freezing cold, drops, and spills that Molly can dish out. To honor those high-endurance, herculean gadgets, Molly dedicated a video to chronicle them.

But as I am one of those glass-half-empty sorts, I couldn't help but wonder about the five wimpiest gadgets of Always On. So, I did a little digging, and with Molly's approval, I present you with the five pieces of high-profile tech that flopped the hardest over four seasons of Always On torture tests.

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