Top 5 Internet Memes

Many viral crazes have swept over the Internet in its history. These are the tops.

This was definitely one of the most fun top 5s we've done here at CNET. There are piles of memes built up over the past 30 years or so of Internet usage. Sadly we could not include them all. We kiss Mahir, but he didn't make the list.

So what did? Only the biggest memes ever to infect the world zeitgeist. Only most pernicious mental constructions ever to permeate the hive mind. So watch the top 5 then come back here and post your answer to the lame prize question in the comments below. We'll choose one of the first ten correct answers to win the lame prize.

Last week's lame prize question and answer:
Q: What was the first commercially available portable computer in September 1975?
A: IBM 5100

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