Tool offers full iPhone backups, search, theme creation

Tool offers full iPhone backups, search, theme creation

Despite its quirky interface, the venerable tool Mac OS X utility iFuntastic [70MB download] offers some great tools for customizing and manipulating jailbroken (full read/write access to the filesystem enabled) iPhones. With a new release -- version 5.0 -- the tool adds a few noteworthy new functions:

  • can copy all files from the iPhone to a disk, performing a complete backup
  • find files and folders on the iPhone by name, or perform a full text search
  • directly edit graphics and text files on the iPhone and write them back to the device
  • install third-party applications downloaded to your Mac by simply dragging them to the iFuntastic window
  • create "themes" and upload them to the iPhone. You can switch out graphics and other interface elements, then instantly upload them to your iPhone.

iFuntastic is available in free, $25 and $50 editions, each with differing levels of functionality.

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