Too little, too late: HD DVD player breaks $100 barrier

If you don't mind buying into a format that has no future, you can finally get your high-def movie groove on for $99.

Toshiba's suddenly affordable HD DVD player Circuit City

The HD DVD fire sales have begun.

Circuit City has the Toshiba HD-A3 for $99.99 shipped, plus seven free movies (two in the box, five by mail). If only this had happened six months ago, it might be Blu-ray hanging up its gloves.

So let's ask the obvious question: Is there any sense in buying an HD DVD player at any price--especially this model, which tops out at 1080i?

Well, maybe. There are already thousands hundreds of movies available on HD DVD, and countless more will likely filter into stores for the next couple months. So it's not like there's nothing to watch. Plus, it won't be long before prices plummet, so you'll be able to snap up some serious bargains.

In addition, the HD-A3 will "upconvert" standard-def DVDs, making them look a whole lot better on your HDTV. (Just how much better is a matter of opinion, but it's definitely an improvement.)

Convinced yet? Nah, me neither. But how long will we have to wait before Blu-ray players dip below the $100 mark? If you want super-cheap high-def movies right now, here's your chance.

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