Tomorrow Daily 008: Sub-orbital space capsules, Wi-Fi light art, and more

Cool future tech and art on today's show: A successful scale test run for a commercial sub-orbital space flight company; a man previously paralyzed moves his hand with his thoughts; and an artist uses signal strength to create art.

It's a futuristic kind of day today on the show; we're checking out all kinds of tomorrow-tech to make you giddy with excitement. Although that space capsule looks pretty cool, I don't think I'll ever try it. One must exercise extreme caution when flying into space! Then again, I'm sure people said that about airplanes when they first went commercial.


Tomorrow Daily 008: Suborbital space capsules, Wi-Fi light art, and more

How about that guy getting to move his hand again? Amazing. Simply amazing. It's why technology is so wonderful.

Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

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