Tomorrow Daily 004: T-Mobile's UnRadio service, Lego Fusion, and cutting cakes with math

Today, Ashley and Rich wonder if T-Mobile's newest Uncarrier initiative is good (or bad) for consumers. Also, Lego's got a new trick up its sleeve that blends digital and physical toys, a number nerd displays the "correct" way to slice up a cake, and we discuss your thoughts on the Amazon Fire smartphone.

It's our last show of the week, and T-Mobile CEO John Legere kept this week interesting. Is the new UnRadio initiative good for you? Or is it a dangerous precedent to set for carriers everywhere? We're also taking a look at Lego Fusion, a way to use your iPad to play with Legos. Or is it the other way around...? Finally, we'll share some of your great feedback on the Amazon Fire phone. You guys and gals had a lot to say about it!


Tomorrow Daily 004: T-Mobile's UnRadio, Lego Fusion, cake math, and more

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Ashley Esqueda is a Senior Editor at CNET TV, currently hosting the new show Tomorrow Daily. She is comprised largely of ham and cheese, and there's nowhere she won't go to get a laugh (especially at her own expense). In her spare time, she greatly enjoys karaoke, feeding her Diablo 3 addiction, and hanging out with her husband, Jimi.


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