Tomorrow Daily 003: The Amazon Fire Phone, and a new, crazy OK Go video

Ashley and Rich discuss whether or not Amazon's new smartphone has legs, how OK Go's crazy new music video blew their minds, and Apple's new low-end iMac. Also, we're taking bets on whether humans will hit Mars by 2026...

It's time for episode 3 of our fancy free little show, and the big news today (if you haven't already read all about it) is Amazon's new smartphone, the Fire Phone. Will it get the audience Amazon hopes it will? Will the AT&T exclusive help or harm the fledgling device? We're also discussing an absolutely stunning new OK Go video (they haven't let us down yet), and taking bets on whether we'll put humans on Mars by 2026.


Tomorrow Daily 003: Amazon's Fire Phone, OK Go's new video, and more

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Ashley Esqueda is a Senior Editor at CNET TV, currently hosting the new show Tomorrow Daily. She is comprised largely of ham and cheese, and there's nowhere she won't go to get a laugh (especially at her own expense). In her spare time, she greatly enjoys karaoke, feeding her Diablo 3 addiction, and hanging out with her husband, Jimi.


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