Toddy takes the iPad 'smart' cloth to school

The Toddy is a microfiber cloth for cleaning your tablet or smartphone. In September, the company is offering a set of back-to-school-themed cloths.

The "Head of the Class" Tody retails for $9.99 (click to enlarge). Tody

We know school's already in session for most kids, but it's still September, so it's not too late to do a back-to-school-related post. At least we hope we're not too tardy.

Anyway, we spotted these school-themed tablet/smartphone "smart" Toddy cloths on the company's Web site and were mildly amused. They're made out of premium microfiber that's treated with a microbe shield, have a plush side to clean and silk side to polish, and are machine washable in cold water. A single Toddy will run you $9.99, but if you buy two you get a third one free.

Not into the whole school theme? A multitude of other designs are available, and you can now custom order cloths with your own design or corporate logo.

This Toddy is called The Doodler (click to enlarge). Toddy

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