Today's Buzz: Surf Express 1.1.2 and Internet Config

Today's Buzz: Surf Express 1.1.2 and Internet Config

Today's buzz returns to Surf Express. The newly released version 1.1.2 seems to have resolved many of the problems that cropped up in the previous version. However, readers continue to report problems between Surf Express and Internet Config (adding to the one reported here previously).

Andrzej Kozlowski and Cuneyt Ocaklila report error messages occurring when using Internet Config, that first appeared after installing Surf Express 1.1.2. For example, Cuneyt writes: "Opening and closing the File Transfer, File Mappings or Helpers settings with Internet Config application, resulting 'Could not update the settings because an unexpected error occurred. (-50)' message. Disabling Surf Express extension on startup solving the problem."

Patrick Reilly wound up uninstalling Surf Express. However, the HTTP Proxy listing installed by Surf Express in Internet Config's Firewall settings still remained. Until he realized this, and disabled the option, he was unable to connect to any site on the web.

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