To restore or not? Could it solve the iPhone's freezes, bugs and crashes?

With patience wearing thin because of iPhone's bugs, I consider restoring the iPhone's settings.

I'd like to think of myself as a patient type. The iPhone's numerous crashes, bugs and quirks have been noted here and there. Applehound does a good job of compiling them, some of which I've yet to experience. What I have experienced, though, is an increasing amount of lag and, well, my iPhone is "cracking out" a lot more recently than it did a couple of weeks ago. Performance is down.

This begs the question, is it time to drop the "r-bomb"? That is, to restore or not to restore? My friend Zach said his friends at the Apple Store in San Francisco said simply to "restore" the iPhone and reinstall and re-sync the dang thing. This is all well and good, but with a PC machine I'm not too sure that all my wonked out Windows settings will again translate to the iPhone. Plus, having to reconfigure the e-mail settings, making sure all my contact information is preserved, and saving all those SMS messages.... Not to mention the time it will take to transfer all my music, movie and other files over to the iPhone again. (OK, I'm sounding Pollyanna-ish, but still, it's a hassle.)

What to do? Argh!

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