TMI? Some Fitbit users' sex stats on Google search

A tracker called Fitbit allows people to log all of their moods and calorie intakes and usages. But its default setting is public, so some users' sexual activity is on Google search for all to see.

Some people are simply obsessed with monitoring every part of their lives. I don't know if it's sheer ego or sheer paranoia.

But when trackers like Fitbit come along, they tap into this need like Justin Bieber taps into the need for little girls to have boyfriends with hair like theirs.

Fitbit is a fitness tracker that enables people to log all of their moods and calorie intakes and usages. However, it seems to have one characteristic that will be entertaining for some and perplexing for others: it seems to let the world know, among other things, when you've had sex. Or, you know, made out.

This might seem an odd measurement for a tracker that is supposed to be primarily concerned with fitness. But, when you think about it, sex does play a role in that. And Fitbit plays its own little role in helping you tell everyone about it.

You see, Fitbit's default setting for profiles is public. So anyone creating a profile without setting some privacy in motion will find every detail of their recent amorous motions available on Google search for all to see.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There, you will find people's own descriptions, some of which are so scientific as to be, well, depressing.

Example: "Sexual activity. General. Moderate effort, started at 1:00am. N/A 45minutes." Or this: "Sexual activity, Active, vigorous effort. Started at 11:30pm. N/A 1 hour 30 minutes." Or even the minutest detail of "Sexual activity. Passive, light effort. Kissing. hugging. N/A 10 mins."

The "N/A", in case you wondered, is what these people entered under the "distance" column. We must conclude, therefore, that all of this activity was relatively stationary.

This little Google search anomaly was first spotted by Twitterer Andy Baio, and reported earlier today by The Next Web. His revelation seems to have encouraged many Fitbit users to already change their privacy settings. Still, you can link the Google search results to specific users, should you want the satisfaction of being able to mumble "we know what you've been doing" as you stare at their profile picture.

Mark Zuckerberg, for one, has always maintained that we all really want to share as much as possible with the world. And Facebook's privacy settings aren't exactly on the peasy side of easy.

What a relief it must be for some that they didn't automatically link their Fitbit profiles to their Facebook profiles. That way, Facebook would have the measure of their sexual vigorousness forever. Useful for advertising, that.


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